An intelligent woman who has set the pace for others to follow, She has taken and dominated the Journalism industry with so much style and uniqueness, very determined, ambitious and hard working. It’s so much fun watching and listening to her on the GHOne television show “STATE OF AFFAIRS”. She brings on board educative, inspiring and transforming topics that really tackles national interest and development.

A great journalist who has so much love and passion for her career, going to every height and depth to create awareness on issues concerning the welfare of our country. When I was a child, watching TV3 news was a must because I got to learn a lot happening in the country anytime she read the news. After all the wahala you went through when the photoshop issue came up, I thought you would lose interest in journalism but those issues gave you another high platform to exhibit new phase of your qualities in journalism. You deserve all the awards you took home on that day at the “RTP ” awards event . You’ve worked hard and still on the RISE! Keep up the good work. I won’t wait for you to kick the bucket before I let the world know how great of a journalist you were, I celebrate LIFE.

I don’t know you personally but one thing I would like to say is never lose your faith and keep your dignity intact! You’re great with your work, continue to let it reflect in your character and personal life too! Those who know their God shall do great exploits, I hope you have a personal fellowship with Jesus!

Stay bless always my versatile Journalist!


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