The Ghana health service earlier this week stated emphatically that the probe into what was causing the deaths in KUMACA was still unknown. I find it hard to believe that no pathologist, chemist, or any of the various professors in the field of Science and Healthcare in the country have still not been able to even give the public the specific details to what is really causing the deaths.

The first incidence of this endemic was in March 2017. The causative organism of these deaths is still not known over 9 months. The situation seemed to have been curbed in April when the death toll reduced and cases reduced. These students went on vacations, returned, and even had new students admitted in October. In November, 2017, the incidence resurfaced, this time with the causative organism more stronger and resistant.

Why? The little knowledge I know tells me that the problem was not identified in March for it to even be tackled completely. Damage control was improvised and antibiotics and antivirals administered even without adequate diagnosis. Some of the students who died were treated for malaria initially even without testing.

The virus has now grown resistant to the antibiotics and antivirals and has now mutated with a more stronger presence even than before.

The pathological reported presented to the media shows that, the disease is neither fungal nor viral but “probably” bacterial. This is unpardonable. For 9 months? Probably bacterial?

Let’s take note, that these students have vacated twice and have been home with family and parents. The disease didn’t spread to the whole Ghana. Form 1 students are now also on admission. No one is saying they are testing the school surroundings for possible infection grounds or even plants.

This carelessness could have caused a nationwide pandemic should it have been communicable. It’s very strange that the “specialists” and school authorities tasked with this operation only came out to tell parents how sorry they felt. They should be arrayed before court after the situation is controlled to explain their negligence and carelessness.

Twenty four students are currently on admission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Hospital and Konfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

In total, the number of deaths recorded in the school this year (2017) has hit 11, as seven students died around April.

The Director of Public Health, Ghana Health Service, Dr Badu Sarkodie in an interview surprisingly said from the lab tests it is yet to be known what type of organism causing is havoc in the school to enable the Service to know the right vaccines to use.

“We’re to get blood samples from the affected students but unfortunately, the affected students die soon after they’re admitted at the hospital which makes it difficult for blood sample to be taken from the dead body. This is making our investigations challenged, all the necessary things you require including blood samples, water from the body for lab test you don’t get them before the victim dies.”

He said this after 9 months of the first incidence. Isn’t it wonderful ? We are now waiting for specialists from “WHO” to come with their specialists to access “one” high school endemic that has resurfaced after 9 months.

If Ebola surfaced in Ghana first, there is no doubt, we would never have seen it coming and controlled it. And it would have wiped about half of the entire populace before the international organizations could have come in. But we discuss politics almost every morning for 12 months. If we all die, who will presidents preside over?

Kwabena B. Owusu-Ansah, Campus Today Publications.

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