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Have you ever asked yourself why you buy phone cover? I guess you buy it to protect your phone right? If you are protecting your phone then it means you love it and it’s important right?

So in life, what you love, you will always protect. You will always make sure things fall in place and the person you love is always safe and sound
I always hear ladies complaining about the rate at which their boyfriends check up on them and it bores them. If he doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t even think about your safety left alone where you are and what you are doing.

If your boyfriend is always willing to know what goes on in your life, it means he has made you part of his life so if he is safe, he has to make sure you are too. So ladies, instead of complaining, rather appreciate the effort they put in place to make sure all is well with you.

The fact that he protects what he loves doesn’t mean he is possessive. If he wants to know the guy you always entertain, the place you sleep at night and why sometimes you don’t pick his calls, it’s all about building trust and believing in you. Because once doubts set in, trust will be an issue and gradually lead to break up.
Always remember what you love you protect. Stop nagging and appreciate their love and efforts to make the relationship lead to marriage.

Unless you are hiding stuffs from him and you don’t want him to find out so you will always nag so he stops. If that is your case, you better stop now till you are caught. Appreciate it when people love you and don’t pay them back with evil!!
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