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Shisha, electronic cigarette to be banned by June


Research conducted by the Ghana Health Service has revealed that the prevalence of Shisha smoking stands at 5.3 per cent higher than traditional tobacco use which in the cigarette which is 2.8 percent.

This is according to the Principal Research Officer at the Ghana Health Service, Divine Darlington Logo.

“First time we did a study to cover electronic cigarette and Shisha we were surprised to hear that the youth are now moving away from the traditional tobacco use in cigarettes to Shisha and the electronic cigarette which we were not aware off,” he said.

It is dangerous, damaging, and addictive to human lives, according to a WHO Advisory note.
Shisha contains many of the same toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke, although Shisha smokers are at a higher risk of suffering the same types of diseases caused by cigarette smoking.

“The tobacco companies are same people who own the electronic cigarette; they are marketing strategies to make money. It gets people who have never smoked the traditional cigarette to get hooked on to nicotine which will eventually get them addicted to taking tobacco products”.
Mr. Logo says, however, revealed that “we are working with Ministry of Health to ban the use of electronic cigarette and Shisha. It is more dangerous than cigarette, as far as public health is concerned, banning it is the only way out in Ghana and i can assure you by the middle of this year that has to be done”.

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