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Stucked, but FREE!


We live in a world where people change partners as easily as they change shoes. People shop for relationships just as they shop for clothes. Looks for his/her size, if it doesn’t fit, drops it but even if they find their sizes, they use for a while and drop it when it is no more fashionable.

Are you really yearning for a relationship? What is your motive in finding a partner? Gentleman, Adam was busy carrying out his purpose before Eve came, have you discovered yours? My ladies, Eve was in God before presented to Adam, have you already been made an help meet for that man who will find you?

Being alone is lonely, that’s why people decide to pair up but you should understand as much as two people can mean a beautiful relationship, the same way being alone can also mean the same. You will only be able to see the things close to you when you are alone. Although all of us need to be in love, we must give ourselves time to be in a relationship with ourselves. Do something, each day perform one thing that you have never done before, go against your normal habits to do something. Walk on a road that you have never walked before, watch the world in a different direction. This world will look different after changing these habits a little. Change one habit each day. Enjoy yourself before a relationship!


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