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As I laid on the sofa, this common but popular question asked by many friends, family and acquaintances kept running through my mind . I believe you are wondering what it is. The question “WHEN WILL YOU MARRY? ” I guess you’re laughing now as a man by hearing it but as a lady you just sighed “hmmm”

We live in a society where marriage is the measuring tool of SUCCESS for ladies. Until you get married, you are nothing in the eyes of our elderly people. You can win awards in your career and even graduate as the best student, they won’t be pleased until they see your wedding invitation. Interesting right?

Due to this, most ladies are rushing to get married and in six months or a year, you mostly hear “DIVORCED! “

A lady is not complete without a man. Really? Which part does the man add to the woman to make her complete after marriage? I believe and know marriage is a blessing from God! It’s an honor from Him to us and therefore we need not listen to the society on their take on marriage . Build your life, be grounded and keep your faith, when it’s your TIME, God will honor YOU!

As a lady, you meet a gentleman who you know can’t take you far in life. He can’t be a good father and husband but with the FEAR of not getting another man to propose to you, you accept him. The marriage happens then six months into the marriage, you are already depressed and stressed out , the next minute you are requesting for Divorce. Let them go when you know they can’t honor and respect you. The right man , who will compliment and not compete with you will finally knock at your door.

Don’t allow this society’s pressure lead you to your doom! Whatever age you are, God can bless you with marriage . Nowadays you hear people using Oheneyere Gifty Anti as an example for not giving up on your values and goals and also a measure of God’s faithfulness and perfect time for our lives! Don’t rush or else you will crush! A lot of people have rushed into marriages, some are seeking for divorce, others are enduring for their children’s sake. Note this , MARRIAGE IS TO BE ENJOYED, NOT ENDURED!

Be careful who you listen to! The same people becoming a pain in the neck for you to rush into marriage will be the same people to laugh and gossip behind your back when that marriage fails! Love your life and live it well. LIFE IS YOU and GOD! People have OPINIONS but GOD has the DIRECTION !

Go through the process of Waiting, build your life and the man meant for you will come your way. Anytime you are asked “WHEN WILL YOU MARRY ” just say “GOD IS THE GIVER” to shut them up. Stay blessed, live, laugh and love !


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