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This book contains the various high school courses and their corresponding Tertiary courses one could undertake. It also follows up with further graduate study courses one could undertake and also prospective careers one could find themselves in or aspire to be in tracing from their high school courses. Junior High School students will know the right senior high school course to choose in order to pursue their dream careers.
Senior High school students will find this book very useful since it explains and briefly summarizes all the programmes they might want to pursue at the tertiary level. Same for undergraduates who might want to pursue higher degrees. They will find this book very insightful and instrumental in their decision making. This book is not only for undergraduates but also for tertiary graduates who still need information to pursue higher degrees in similar or different fields.
This book does not only serve as a valuable resource and a student companion but as a guide for generations who might ever lay a hand on this document

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