Frequently asked Questions

Applications can be submitted either via an online form or on paper. Your choice of method will not affect the selection process. However, the latter is slower and the institution of your choice might have to charge a higher application fee to cover additional administrative costs.
Please note that this website deals with applications for both graduate and undergraduate studies.
The processing of both graduate and undergraduate applications can be complex and time-consuming. To ensure that applicants are fairly and thoroughly considered, there are several stages all applications must pass through, before an offer can be made. You may therefore have to wait for some time, up to a few months after submitting your supporting documents, to receive a decision on your application.
As your application proceeds through the various stages, and once a final decision has been made, its status will be updated in your Self-Service account.
After you have submitted your application and uploaded all the necessary supporting documents the admission process begins.
The duration of the process is entirely dependent on the Universities.
Graduate and Undergraduate work in all universities are intense and very intellectually demanding and so the Universities have high academic entry requirements. You are normally expected to hold, or be about to achieve, at least a 2:1 Honors degree from a Ghanaian university or an equivalent standard from an overseas university to be admitted into a graduate program and a minimum of aggregate 24 in WAEC examinations.

For details of any higher or specific qualifications, find your course in the Course Directory and click on the Requirements tab. If you have a question about the suitability of your qualifications for a particular course, please contact the department in which you would like to study (links to their websites and enquiries email addresses are on the right-hand side of the course pages).
When all the documents required for your application to be consider for selection have been submitted, including the references sent separately by your referees, the 'Documents You Need to Send Us' link will disappear from your Self-Service account within 24 hours of receipt of the final document.

If you receive an offer for certain courses, it is likely that conditions on your offer will require uploading more documents. When each condition has been met it will disappear from the 'View Offer Conditions/Comments' link on your Self-Service. Please note that it can take up to five working days for us to process uploaded documents at the post-offer stage. If you have posted documents to us for processing then it may take a little longer. If documents are deemed not to meet the condition set, we will leave you a message on your self-service account.
Whether or not you have to take a language test set will depend on a number of conditions, which you can find out from university websites.
The deadline shown on your self-service for receipt of supporting documents is always 7 days before the actual deadline for the universities you have submitted your application to. If you cannot meet this deadline, then you must submit your documents in person within the 7 days provided to the university.

However, please note that your application may not be considered if you provide supporting documents more than 7 days after the course or funding deadline.
You cannot delete documents that you have uploaded.
If you wish to replace a document, please upload the new document, using the correct category. You may also upload an explanatory note to help us identify which document is the correct one.
If you have uploaded a duplicate document, do not worry, this will not affect your application.